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Good Sites To Have Above

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Of course best strategy for reputation mgt, is to have lot of great sites come up first.

I have, facebook, myspace, linkedin, twitter, Vimeo. For some reason my you tube page wont come up high -- I guess they don't let you put your name in title.


What are other good sites?

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I haven't had problems with YouTube accounts not ranking for brand names. I haven't tried for keywords - no [keyword] + [keyword] accounts for me, yet.


Cafepress will rank. There are a lot that will -- if they do you any good will depend on what searchers can get by going to those pages. You won't get benefit from an empty YouTube account, or one with lots of subscriptions to off-color jokes. People who are in SEO may notice a SEOmoz member profile showing up, or their Sphinn account.


If you want to pump up your reputation, get caught doing something good, especially in places where there are negative reviews. Go out of your way to solve just that problem, and write it up.


People will talk. Give them something good to talk about.

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Many of the social bookmarking sites allow you to create a profile with backlinks. Also you can add external links to aboutus.org that often ranks well in Google.

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Thanks for the link to aboutus.org, notepage. That hadn't come 'on my radar' before and it looks a very useful website.

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you mean add your webpage as you would do with Linkedin or myspace? That's pretty common. They key is which do it with a no follow.


I went to aboutus.org, did not understand what it is or where to add my business, in any case I'd love about 30 urls with great power. I'd love to control first 10 pages of my company listing in google

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I can think of one disadvantage to owning the profiles and whatever that are top spots for your business name. If you don't invest in using them to give searchers a good, diverse look at your business's persona, they may go further down the line to look for something that seems more broad and less biased. The further down in the SERPs you go, the easier it is for some troll to get their negative blog post to rank.


Not building up what's available on those profiles, wherever that is a possibility, increases the chances of a motivated searcher landing farther down the line.

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Now that's a reasonable POV, Elizabeth.


In my opinion, it'd indeed be more effective to pick a few social media channels, where to be active, and let the good work do the rest.


Particularly, interviews on popular blogs/magazines might work better, than just a simple social profile. Especially, if those are specialized/expert online journals. The longer and more detailed the interview is, the less need/time will one have to dig further (plus, a few links in an interview to your site might be helpful, too ;) ). Needless to say, the interview can and should be promoted via other social channels.


When it comes to photography, it seems it'd be pretty easy to do online, given the amount of niche sites about photography or well built sections on general sites (StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc), in my opinion, compared to a plumber or a deratizator (though I do recall one good example of an online pest control service with its own funny/useful blog).

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thanks Yura,

I'm about to email you this morning.

On this issue, I do have several great pages at the top of my name search.

I would love to see a list of 20-30 great sites to add, which could dominate.


that said, these complaint sites that specialize in defaming people -- its another issue--

I am not 100% satisfied until the page is removed.


Some of these site -- we'll discuss later more in depth -- are run by lowlife sleazeballs -- and don't seem to remove anything no matter how much you email or write them.


from past research, these seem to be tops:





















any others you would add? Only thing is you can sign up but it may take lot of effort to get ranking with them.

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