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Android Gains More Market Share Than Blackberry

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Android has finally pawned one of their most veteran rivals by huge margin and now they are on a continuous move to gain more market share than ever before. Their next rival now is none other than Apple iPhone but they would have to do a lot better to even come close to them in competition.


There are several reasons which provide a fine class of discrimination between Apple iPhone and Android phones. Android being the open source platform has granted the application developers full access and authority to modify the code to any extent they want to, and developers do take great advantages of it.


Apple on the other hand doesn’t grant such freedom to its software developers and restricts them in many ways. They are given access to limited API only and they have to manage within the defined limits. This leads to less innovative products but more sales and revenue generating capabilities, as their whole platform is completely commercialized. Android platform however, has failed to attract major developers and despite of having awesome development capabilities, they have failed to create a market like iTunes that offers quality products to their customers.


More apps are finding their way everyday to the market from both platforms and war is still on and pretty much indecisive. iPhone is leading though with a big margin but Android can’t said to be lagging behind, as they successfully managed to secure the second spot in the World’s mobile application market. Other platforms like Symbian and Blackberry are still in blues and losing their market share rapidly.

Let’s see what happens in future and who leads the market ultimately.

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Well I have never really played with the iPhone that much I have had my Droid X phone going on a month now. I love the Droid. Since the X is a brand new phone there are a couple bugs, I am not sure if it is the system it's self or if I just got a bad phone.

They are sending me out a brand new replacement but wont go out til later this month because the manufacturer is backed up trying to keep up with the demand.

I love the usefulness of the apps and the fact that there are so many of them out there that are free. I generally just download the app and use it for whatever reason I need (backgrounds and music etc) then uninstall the app. I love the multiple menu screens on the phone and how you can customize each one. I have one page set for games so my kids can easily get to what they want to play without possible messing anything up on accident. Then I have my multi-media and social networks page etc.

I will wait till I get my new phone later this month and decide if the bugs I had were a system problem or a single phone problem. The problems I have had is the screen will get stuck between different screens or the touch screen wont respond and the data port is not responding when I plug in the usb cord. The phone does charge with the usb cord but will not allow me to do data transfers.

Hopefully the new phone will work just fine. If so I will be completely satisfied with it. I moved to the Droid X from the Blackberry Tour. HUGE upgrade.

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Last night I was sat in my garden with my Android watching stars. I was chatting with friends on Facebook, using Sky Map to help navigate the sky and listening to pink floyd with youtube. So cool.

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