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We teach kids how to cross the street. We do not teach them to pay someone else to cross the street for them.


And, I doubt this would really work, especially if yon kiddos/businesses/yaddayadda were wandering around on their own out there in google-able-land.



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They don't really say much about what they really do. If someone saying something bad on a third party site how are they going to guarantee its removal. I guess the easy answer is to just change your name lol

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Just heard about it, swainzy? :wave:

Note: reputation.com (noted by swainzy) and reputationdefender.com are clones.


I first heard the reputationdefender name three or four years ago - it was being treated as something of a joke by many in the SEO/webdev community because they knew the time and effort required to maintain or cleanup online reputation and the advertised prices were ... low.


Guess they are making another media pr campaign. Lots of blog and print mention.


Actually, it's a great three tier business model built on a foundation of fear and ignorance.

Tier 1: get the frightened masses to provide cashflow.

Love how they touch the online fear buttons (myreputation, myprivacy, mychild) and depend on ignorance.

For the price they tell you what they find online about you.

Note: that what they offer at the advertised low monthly prices) can all be automated and much is already offered online for free, i.e. Google alerts.


Tier 2: Leverage 'bad' reports into a ready made sales pitch to traumatised clients for remedial action at some additional (unlikely to be low) charge.

Because we all know that someone in every family is going to screw up somewhere sometime. Online is just a wider audience and an artificial memory.


Tier 3: Making a name in the consumer market (while using it to get good press and pay the bills) is the lead to get in the door of the lucrative business/professional corporate gravy train.

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i'd seen them before too.


IMO they are good for larger websites that make it really hard to keep track of everything yourlsef.


Ideally if you are a decent size company you can have a dedicated person to manage your social media content and interactions.


I have one that works for me part time and it more than pays for itself.

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Gee, I haven't been here in a while.


Iamlost, you are here!


Good to see you sir!



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