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Internet Connection Confusion

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I currently use an XP computer with AOL as the IP. I am quite happy with it but the computer needs replacing. I have acquired an Acer Ferrari One-200 notebook. This was a present - not something I would have chosen. I have discovered that Windows 7 won't work with modems and I was told by AOL that I need a router. I won't use a wireless router so it must be wired. I thought I'd found an ideal one in the Netgear DG834G. I contacted Netgear to find out if it was compatible with Windows 7. They sent me a data sheet with other versions of DG834 routers but not the one I enquired about. It only mentions DG834v4, DG834Gv4, DG834Gv5 and DG834PNv2. But they are all wireless. There's no point in contacting Netgear again as they didn't answer my question the first time.


So, I am still uncertain if the router I want will work. I am also uncertain if I actually need a router. I don't want to connect to any other computers - I just want to connect my new computer to the internet. Nothing fancy. I also don't want to spend a fortune (no more than about £44.62 maximum). My present computer is connected to my BT 'phoneline with a BT Voyager 105 ADSL modem (but, as I said, Windows 7 doesn't use modems).


Can anyone advise me on what to do? Does anyone know if the DG834 will do what I want it to do?


Thanks in breathless anticipation.



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Cannot see why the DG834 will not work. When AOL say that they do not support a modem, maybe they are talking about dial-up modems and not broadband/adsl modem connects.


If you have a DG834 and a modern laptop then you should just be able to connect them up and get online.


Just plug it in and see. You can have both computers plugged into the DG834 (4 sockers isn't it?) so no need to unplug anything.


I have an old DG834 and it was working when I last tried it with Vista. Should be no different with 7.

Maybe issues with ipv6, but plug it in first and see what happens.

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Thanks for the reply. I haven't bought the Netgear yet. I don't want to waste money on something that might not work. I tried connecting the new computer to the modem - after downloading the AOL software to a pen drive and then putting it on the new computer - but it wouldn't work. It was then after I'd contacted AOL that they told me I'd need a router.


I think I'll have to buy the Netgear as I can't find any other solution. I don't know why they can't just leave things as they are if they work properly - and modems do work properly.

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Ah, OK, I did not realise that Netgear was still on the market - I have one and it is about 8 years old. My problems with it (ipv6) are probably not going to happen.


I do not really know much about all this stuff. But thought that modems only referred to dial-up cards in pc's and routers were just for ADSL connections.

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