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Zero Day Windows Exploit

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I do not normally bother mentioning various Windows malware but this one leverages a win32k.sys (multi-user Win32 driver file) bug to escalate 'user' privelege to 'system' by-passing User Account Control.

Note: it needs to be 'introduced' so updating competent AV, email, and web browser filters should detect the required payload.


Note: copy and paste URL as Cre8's URL obfuscation procedure breaks URL.





Hey, let's be careful out there.

---Sergeant Phil Esterhaus, Hill Street Blues

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these virus writers are getting worse, or better, depends how you look at it.


How do you catch it? Hacked website?

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Actually @IamLost...I much much much preferred this line from HSB...


Jablonski: "Let's do it to them before they do it to us."


Prosky WAS HSB to me, at least....and Roll Call WAS the way to start your day eh!





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Off Topic offtopic

Jim...please remember where you are at all times...

This is Cre8asiteforums, the kinder gentler naturally holistic webdev forum.

:flowers: :emo11::) :grouphug: :angel: :cheerleader::party:


There shall be no transmogrification of the golden rule at Kim's kitchen table.

It upsets the unicorns and blurs the rainbows...



Re- Prosky

Sorry, must disagree. The show simply wasted away after season 4. Not Robert Prosky's fault, he did a good job stepping into Michael Conrad's position, but the show went from gritty to increasingly soapy from then.

However, I do like that quote :nanadevil: when Kim isn't looking ;-)



I also like this one as defining competitive webdev:

I went by the book. I pushed a little hard at the bindings.

---Capt. Frank Furillo, Hill Street Blues


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