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Google Breaks Calendar Embeds

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Honestly, I don't understand how one goes about breaking an embed code, but Google has gone and done it...and has failed to fix it!


Google calendar - to be precise - is the problem.


Embed a google calendar into your web page, and watch it magically, and TRAGICALLY, change all your events to different dates! Yikes! That's a great way to screw up everyone who had planned to attend your events, eh?


I think it's crazy that such a thing occurred, but even crazier that it's not yet been fixed. I've been told it's been going on for at least a couple of weeks, although it looks like it might just be a week to me. Either way, that seems like WAY too much time to fix such a problem.


Why is it that Google can get away with these kinds of issues, but other companies would be put through the wringer for being so slow to act?


I bet if the NY Times or Wall Street Journal would write about it, it would be fixed hours later. But until then...meh...we're "working on it". Yeah. Ok.


Here's one of the many threads on the issue - http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Cale...53548&hl=en


This affects LOTS of people. Google is sometimes awesome (love their new ebook store) and sometimes I just want to kick 'em in the yahoos, if ya get my drift.

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