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Some interesting numbers that illustrate the critical building blocks of 'good' content:

* 59 writers

* 24 fact-checkers

* 16 editors

* 15 image designers

* 11 copy editors (who correct spelling, grammar, and ensure consistent style)

Where do these numbers come from?



So... what does a breakout of Groupon's creative staff mean to the pajama clad webdev pounding laptop keys in the night's quiet while his family sleeps?


It means that for every hour spent writing:

--24 minutes should be spent confirming the facts.

--15 minutes should be spent acquiring/creating accompanying imagery.

--11 minutes should be spent checking spelling, grammar, and style.

--10 minutes should be spent on planning, direction, and approval.

Note: I dropped editorial from 16 to 10 to remove some managerial hierarchy. And neatly sum to one hour. :)


Yes, I am slightly tongue in cheek, but only slightly. By all means adjust the ratios, but never ever forget that content must not only be written - it must be true, it must be correct, it must be consistent, imagery must be unique and compelling, and it all must have purpose. Writing is only half the job.

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What do Groupon do, other than spam my site with non-contextual adverts (now blocked - they were promoting several deals for food that did not look all that healthy)?

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Wow... if that doesn't make a person feel outgunned!

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outgunned and outbudgeted....sigh....


and more man/hours per day than I could ask Santa for too, eh!


but, the fight continues....and here's how I see it....


PASSION for what you do by FAR overrides all of the above when it comes to getting up each day and facing the daily SEO Tasks...


those who work FOR someone else....dont have the same PASSION that those of us who work FOR ourselves....nevermind the sleepless nites worrying about revenues and costs and well...the joys of being self-employed....






PS and I wouldn't -- couldn't -- trade it for the world eh!

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I know all about being out gunned. One of my top competitors has a staff role. They have about 30 people in web development alone, 15 in marketing, another 18 in IT, about 50 in customer services, 4 data analytics, 12 finance, 28 in web content, 7 operations, 11 product development, 12 quality assurance, plus a bunch of other roles.


I have: me.


But I can take them. They ain't that good really.

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