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Reverse Engineering Seo

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I want to know why and how burtonc .com comes up in a competive city of Tempe Arizona- Tempe Homes for sale in google on page one. He has a PR of 2 and it is a generic site- however is the generic site doing something behind the scenes to make this happen?

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I am not much for reverse engineering.... I think that the better route is to decide what I should do about my own site to earn the first page of google.


But.... burtonc.com...


.... has very good on-page optimization on homepage

.... has relevant local search term title tags and optimization on inner pages

.... is highly relevant

.... has a spiderable business address in Tempe

.... site functions well

.... links to relevant content (although I don't like how a lot of the content either redirects through or lands upon superlativestudio.com)


If you are trying to compete against it with the site in your signature my suggestions would be....


... improve on-page optimization of homepage

... optimize your inner pages (they are currently optimized for "featured listing")

... improve relevance of all pages

... get your Tempe biz address on the site in spiderable form

... improve site function... (crashed my browser, worked very slow)

... improve design (parts of your site are invisible to me in Firefox on a PC)


... ask yourself if your links will appear manipulative to google

... ask yourself if your target clients will relate to your domain name


... your site seems to be torn between local real estate and promoting financial products... maybe that holds it back for local real estate.... my bet is that if your top and bottom navigation were linking to Tempe Real Estate -related pages such as Mesa, Chandler, Tempe Rentals, Tempe Land, Tempe etc.... your rankings would be better.

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No it is for a new site. I use the site in the signature for PPC only. I was thinking of having a company SEO it for google. I did not know it crashed browsers. I use it in all browsers on my laptop and no issue. I am going to try it again. I was just trying to figure out why he has always been on the 1st page. He is not Mr SEO- so the superlative system must make it friendly with google.

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I cannot even reverse engineer SEO my own site. Wish I knew what I did right so I could repeat it...

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