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How To Combine Server Side Voice Generator With A Video/slideshow

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I've come accross some videos on youtube or websites which combine a description that is read using a voice generator and it's combine either with a video or a slideshow.


An example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYoXG520XMM


Does anyone know a good server side script or program that can generate these.

It would take the text description provided with the car, read it out and create a MPG3 for it.


If this script can also combine it with a video, that's great, otherwise I'm also looking for a script to do that.


I am looking to everything on the server side so the client just has access to the video directly.


Thanks for you help


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I could be wrong but this looks like just a slick video.

A good video editor program will allow you to insert music, narration and full video editing.


It seems like Mac has some great video production programs but I have been able to do a fair job with Microsoft windows movie maker software.


This came on my XP media edition machine and that is one reason why I still like to use XP.


I did not check my vista machine but there are plenty of good video editing programs out there.

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Yes many good video editing apps can do that.


In this case, I'm seeking to automated it.


I'd like to be able to text the text from the database, generate the voice and add to an existing video file.


(The video file itself, will mostly likely be generated from a slideshow, similar to the apple zoom-in-zoom-out one. But that is a separate question )




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