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Apple Power

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Some powerful Apple stats via WWDC 2011 liveblog: Steve Jobs talks iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud and more! by Darren Murph, Engadet, 06-June-2011:

* Apple has sold more than 200 million iOS devices making it the top mobile operating system.


* Safari has almost two-thirds market share for mobile browsing.


* iTunes Music Store has sold more than 15 billion (yes, with a 'b') songs.


* iBookstore has seen more than 130 million book downloads.


* App Store has downloaded more than 14 billion (yes, with a 'b') apps. There are over 90,000 iPad apps.


* Apple has more than 225 million accounts complete with credit card data tied to one-click purchasing.


* Game Center users top 50 million.


There is much more 'Apple done good' data in the live blog post.


The internet is greater than the web and the web is much much more than Google, than search... get to know the broader web, the wider internet and discover if and how it can help you prosper. Don't fence yourself in.

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Amazing numbers. Thanks for sharing them and the link.


For people who earn a living from websites of traditional design... I wonder if this is going to put a big dent into our business?


It seems to me that the mobile devices are rapidly getting better at rendering and navigating traditional websites and that might reduce the need for traditional websites to adapt to mobile devices.


I based this on using lots of traditional websites on an iphone and am not having much of a problem at it.

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I have't had a bite, because until recently, Apple products were sold for extortionist prices here ($1-1.5k for an iphone). I can order one from abroad, real cheap ($500 or whatever its price is), naturally, though :) I don't have the cash right now for it, but if I had, I'd still be pondering between a HTC Android and iPhone. I'm too skeptical about entering obvious cults and becoming a slave to a closed monarchy ;)


I think designers/webmasters will have to evolve to provide designs for mobile browsing, similar to how SEOs have to adapt to local/mobile search. Nothing new to me here, but I agree it's an exciting new field to play in, when everything goes to mobile over desktop (at least with a 3:2 ratio).

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