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For Wordpress People: Best Way To Use Wordpress To Sell Slowing Selling Stock....

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Looks like I may be building a website for someone that sells cars. The only criteria for the site is that their products are listed in Google and that they can update the site easily themselves.


They have in the past used a premium auto-trade website which populates their website but the no longer wish to pay the £200 a month for the service. I checked their site and none of the cars sent by the network are listing in google, some sort of javascript or iframe or something.


So, I feel confident in building a site in Wordpress and teaching someone how to update it.


Not really sure of stock levels, probably a monthly turnover of around 20 vehicles. At a guess. So, my thoughts are:


1. Just make use of a few categories and have them post each new vehicle as a post in 1 category. Posts will probably be short and not very descriptive. Dealer can upload 1 photo easily and write a description for the car.


Pros: easy to do for the dealer, posts can be linked on homepage, pick up quick in search engines etc.

Cons: Lots of wasted posts over time as posts are deleted. But maybe a really good 404 page will pay dividends.

Also buyers could leave comments / ask questions. Although I really doubt this would ever be used as they mostly sell commercial vehicles and people will pick up the phone before sending a mail.


With this method I would also make a static part for each category to carry some descriptive text that is timeless, so hopefully the category ages will be the second most popular group of pages after the home page.


2. Determine a set number of Pages which can list cars. Teach dealer to simple add new listings / edit the pages.


Pros: The pages last forever and in theory may perform better in the long term.

Cons: easier for the dealer to mess up a whole page when trying to update 1 listing.


I have been told that generally a car will be sold within a week, sometimes it may hang around for a month or 2 tops. I am guess he will still be advertising elsewhere.


Budget is going to be small, I should think 3-5 days work for the lot, including training etc.


Just trying to decide which method would be best. I am thinking individual posts for each new vehicle, and telling him to keep descriptions for various models saved. Trickier again. Got to teach him the importance of not using the standard descriptions for the vehicles from the manufacturer sites etc.


Has anyone done anything similar or found a "best" method?


There are probably better CMS' to use but I am strongest with Wordpress and feel that it is an easy CMS for non-techies to learn, what with simple image uploading, editing, alignment etc.

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It is important to simplify everything for the users. Allowing the users to write about each new vehicle as a post in 1 category will give a better insight to the users; and this will also not be confusing for them as they will only see the description on one car on that web page. If the dealings are constantly monitored, they will not be messed up at all. In my opinion, individual posts for each new vehicle would be good. However you must make sure to host your website with a good web host who provides with affordable web hosting plans to support your website. Also make sure that the web host is offering 24/7 technical support and server monition to ensure the speed and uptime of your website.

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