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The New Cutting Edge

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Mainstream web ad units are catching up to what has been largely a custom advantage to some cutting edge sites. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) nicely introduces (IAB innovation Days, 08-09 June 2011) what will likely be new advertising display ad unit industry standards.


New IAB Brand Advertising Formats


I suggest that you watch the video, Rising Stars: The Buyers View, 16:27 as an overview introduction and then dive deep into the six ad units screenshots and pdf style guides.

* Billboard submitted by Google/Youtube.

* Filmstrip submitted by Microsoft

* Portrait submitted by AOL

* Pushdown submitted by Pictela

* Sidekick submitted by Unicast

* Slider submitted by Genex


Now, which of the above will become AIB 'standard' is still uncertain. It is possible that various networks will adopt different ones.

Also, note the size of these ad units. Just as load times, especially third party load times, become a concern...

And CPM 'branding' ads pricing (from a publisher viewpoint) remain disappointing. Of course that does not hold to those selling the ad units directly.


To those of you with or interested in offering direct ad sales you will need to understand the strengths and weaknesses, benefits and disadvantages of each especially if targeting national or larger regional advertisers and agencies.


It also means that the bleeding edge will move ...has already moved... even further out there...

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