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Asked this elsewhere with no avail. Should have posted it here in the first place..duh on me.


I ran into this site when I got a request from another site asking if they could do this on their site too and gave me this example ( p1bc.com/forum.htm) . Which shows a forum in a framed window.

Should I insist on them to take it down or let them both have at it and call it a good easy promotion? never really dealt with framed pages.

Did a few searches and really couldn't come up with anything as far as how it relates to SEO.


My first thought was dup content...but the url in the frame is the original website...which leads me to believe it may not be considered dup content. Is there any link value there?



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The framed site is essentially not a part of the site it is shown within. So essentially, it's like it doesn't exist on the site at all, in terms of SEO.


Now, I'm not quite sure what you're saying in regards to their request, but in general, if you imagine that the framed site was nothing more than a black hole on the page, you'd have the equivalent of what value it holds to the page.

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That makes a lot of sense. So it's really just another window to the forum and nothing more.


I had another site request the same thing (wanting to put this forum on their site in the same way) I think they got the idea from this p1bc site. Their request is how I discovered it. So I guess I shouldn't worry about it then...right?



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It is less common these days but cross site framing was all the nasty rage years back. There were two common nasty usages:

---basically hotlinking entire pages rather than merely images. This was the then equivalent of bot scraping: steal content and surround it with ads.

---as an 'authentic' entry point for XSS, phishing and other attacks.


Browsers and some add-ons are more aware of this hazard plus many sites added 'frame busting' scripts or similar.


Not saying that the above apply to those sites you mention behaviour but I would be extremely wary.

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Yep, those rats duplicate your title tags and a few lines of content. Slap in a few lines grabbed from other sites, then slap your site in a frame with ads across the top and along the side.


Will put them in competition with you for long tail traffic.

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