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      Cre8asiteforums In Its 20th Year In case you didn't know, Internet Marketing Ninjas released many of the online forums they had acquired, such as WebmasterWorld, SEOChat, several DevShed properties and these forums back to their founders. You will notice a new user interface for Cre8asiteforums, the software was upgraded, and it was moved to a new server.  Founder, Kim Krause Berg, who was retained as forums Admin when the forums were sold, is the hotel manager here, with the help of long-time member, "iamlost" as backup. Kim is shouldering the expenses of keeping the place going, so if you have any inclination towards making a donation or putting up a banner, she is most appreciative of your financial support. 

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Check out this article - very good reading!




I have to be honest...I haven't read the whole thing (as I am quickly scanning things while my 3 year old eats breakfast), but the general gist of things is that we need to stop searching for gimmicks and instead, concentrate on putting good content on the web.

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That links in with a thought I was having this morning, Dr. Marie. How can you build your website in such a way that when Google does its periodic Panda review, that you won't be seen as a 'thin site' and get slammed.


On one website I'm involved in, surprisingly an interior page is always more prominent than the home page in searches. It's a rich content web page with a lot of useful links to other resources: I guess you would see it as a great example of a 'hub page'. I'm sure the more of those you can create, like the reference link you gave, the more Panda-proof your website will be.

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For the past 2 years I blogged a great deal about quasi-SEO (or what I thought to be SEO), building niche websites, flipping websites, etc. I used many tools to help build spammy, artificial, low-quality junk links and I spent a great deal of time waiting to be ranked — favorably of course.


Trouble is, that IS SEO. Every protestation to the contrary, That Is SEO. SEOs admit this.


The point of search engine optimization is purely to make your site look better than it really is. No matter how you look at this, to a search engine that is cheating.

—Search Engine Optimization – Just forget it; by Thomas Baekdal – Jul. 12, 2006


Not interesting. What might be vaguely interesting is how late this dawns on SEObsessive compulsives.


Guess who links or cites me? While papers from Carnegie Mellon. National Tsing Hua University. Europe's International Technology Education Association. Grace Smith, who cites me in Wireframing: The All-In-One Guide.


I don't use RSS feeds. People use page-to-RSS conversion services on me. That's how you know your site will fair well in a post Panda apocalypse.


So my only question about Google's recent content farm update is: What took so long? And where can I buy the I (heart) Panda bumper stickers?


Because, the only other question which occurs is why, in the heck, do we need a second SEO forum when this one is about writing? (Let's be honest ... a third or forth or fifth SEO forum.) SEObsessive compulsive disorder.


All we need now is a "I'm Feeling Unlucky" button to purge the top SERP spam.


Stop putting your SEO's kids through college and start studying up on information design ...for a change.


Stop writing copy and content for Googlebot and start writing it for a (profiled, targeted, personafied) user ...for a change.



P.S. When you understand a proposal I got from a writer who wanted to link to me for the "SEObsessive Compulsive" article they wanted to write, you truly comprehend. Guess who's first, second, third, fifth, fifteenth, thirtieth and every position in between for the term?


Now ...I want you to guess what recent Google update makes this a viable keyprhase?

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You should hire LinkMoses.

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You should hire LinkMoses


Yes. Because link tactics are just like "Writing Copy And Content for The Web."


Is this now the auxilery


...Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section? OR


...Search Marketing, Marketing & Promotion (SEM) section? OR


...Google, Yahoo! & All Search Engines section? Or


...Other Search Engine Discussion section? OR


...Yahoo!, MSN, Ask sections? Or what.




We just don't have enough search engine talk. The lesson being nobody is feeling all that guilty -- pointing a finger, perhaps -- but totally oblivious to the four fingers pointing straight back at themselves.


Panda 2.0, here we go.





Official: Google Panda Update 2.2 Is Live

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At some point it's got to go full circle and google will start looking for completely unoptimised content. The little gems you occasionally find and think - you should be no. 1 but you've got no title tags, h tags etc. Stuff genuinely written for people not SE's or even just written for themselves.

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