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Amazon Buys The Book Depository

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The big consolidate their verticals, one after another, and choice constricts. The latest is Amazon buying The Book Depository, giving the online behemoth a stranglehold in many countries and increasing it's dominance everywhere. Granted, Amazon says that the brand will remain separate...


However, will it continue The Book Depository's many better (than Amazon) pricing offerings? It's many unique features that can be wonderfully leveraged by it's affiliates? Or will TBD be 'assimilated'?

This is the Borg Bezos. You will be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctions to our own. You will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.


Time will tell.

I am, however, not optimistic.

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Sorry, never heard of that phrase "The Book Depository" before Nov 22/63...and it will always remain that Dallas bricks 'n mortar building to me....


off topic I know...but that phrase does resonate to my generation...





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Never heard of it. What are its wonderful features that affiliates so love?

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