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Adsense Shares User Platform Data

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I don't know how you parse (or with which application) log files to see who, what, where, when, why, et al. Nor what you then do with the data...


However, some of you may find New insight into how users are accessing your site from Google Inside AdSense Blog, 06-July-2011 of interest and value.


Today, we’re excited to offer you a brand new report that shows you the platforms that your visitors are using to access your site. You’ll be able to see a breakdown of your earnings based on where your traffic is coming from, which you can use to then optimize your site and give users a better experience.


With this feature, you’ll be able to see your performance data broken out into these categories:

- Desktop - all traffic coming from desktop users

- High-end mobile devices - includes smartphone devices

- Other mobile devices - includes low end and mid-range phones



Do you know how your site(s) appear to products in those categories? Do you know why? Or how to improve those products' user experience with your site(s)?


Are there conversion differences between the categories? Between products in each category? Do you know why? Or how to optimise for improvement?


The web is currently in flux in many ways; acquiring data, analysing information, testing hypotheses, acting on results, then repeating ad infinitum is now a basic webdev requirement. And acquiring data is the first step without which all the rest fail.


I am most interested in the differences between my site log data and this AdSense data... could simply be reporting error or could be something(s) intriguing... Yes, I is a happy geek today :)


Note: although this is really basic stuff no where near what site log files can or Google could show. However, it is not without value, especially to those who wouldn't know a log file if they tripped over it.


Note: the reason for G to share this information is to encourage webdevs to participate in AdSense for Mobile. Whether you feel that step is apropriate is a business model decision. Regardless, the data is interesting. And perhaps they will expand/extend the data points later.


Note: given that G is notorious for bucket sorting then displaying some unknown varying number (but well less than all available) of buckets of data this may be another 'of relative over time' value offering. Answer to be determined.

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Thanks! I didn't know that data was available.


About 10% of my income is coming from "high end mobile devices".


I wonder why I would need "AdSense for Mobile"... I have standard ads on my site and they look fine with ipad, iphone and other mobile devices that I have used to view my site.

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Very interesting. 22% of my ad revenue in the last 30 days came from "high end mobile devices".


According to my analytics 19.6% of my traffic comes from mobile devices.


So, what do I do with this information?

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Your information sounds pretty good. The percentages are close so that might mean that your ads are working well on mobile devices.


If I was going to guess about the population of people who use my site, I would guess that they are not as "mobile" as the general population as their adoption and use of the web has always lagged.

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Just make sure that the nearly 1/4 of your visitors have a good experience on your site when viewing via mobile. Test and adapt as needed. It's "usually" pretty easy with a separate stylesheet. If you're using WordPress, there are mobile stylesheets already available that are as simple as installing a plugin. One I like is WPTouch (the free version) http://www.bravenewcode.com/store/plugins/wptouch-pro/

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I had considered adding a mobile stylesheet to my site (unfortunately the main site is not WP)...but then if I'm getting equal people clicking on ads (as compared to the non-mobile site), do I need to?

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