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How To Handle Visitors With No Javascript?

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What is the best strategy to handle those with javascript disabled? Should I (can I) put a message that only shows up only if a visitor has Javascript disabled and try to get them to "White list" our website?

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Best client-side script (including javascript) practice is generally described by 'unobtrusive' scripting. In other words the scripting should never be apparent to the user, things just happen. The most important aspect of this being progressive enhancement - the website works to some minimum functional acceptable level without scripting with the scripting adding features for those compliant users/browsers.


Perhaps the most cogent webdev reason to support this development mindset/process is not those browsing with scripting unavailable (3-30% depending on audience) but to more easily account for x-browser inconsistencies and potential future scalability problems.


Given that most webdevs ask after development they must look to the converse: graceful degradation. Unfortunately, that often is impractical with the way many sites are now built with scripting, especially javascript frameworks such as jquery, mootools, etc., as a foundation rather than an extension.


Worse case scenario might require failover to the noscript element.


The NOSCRIPT element allows authors to provide alternate content when a script is not executed. The content of a NOSCRIPT element should only be rendered by a script-aware user agent in the following cases:


* The user agent is configured not to evaluate scripts.

* The user agent doesn't support a scripting language invoked by a SCRIPT element earlier in the document.


User agents that do not support client-side scripts must render this element's contents.



This is where you can plead for visitors to use a supportive browser or to allow scripting for your site if they do. Not sure what the percentage uptake on such messages - I see them frequently as tend to browse with scripting disabled - I do know that I do so infrequently.

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