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People Are Confused About The F Button

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I am displaying AddThis.com social sharing buttons on the top of my websites. I am using the big 32x32 buttons. You can see them on the AddThis homepage (the second choice of three with a radio button)... http://www.addthis.com/


The function of this button is to "share" but visitorrs are telling me that they click that button and it is not taking them to my Facebook page. So, I think that there is some confusion about "sharing via facebook" and "joining us on facebook".... or maybe it's me that doesn't "get it". :(


F buttons is being used in a variety of ways and that might contribute to the confusion.

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People confuse easily. :(

A problem with graphics only buttons is that when there are conflicting options, as in sharing and going. Especially if you only mean one of the possibilities, i.e. sharing only as don't have a FB page. And particularly if using a customised graphic.


I really detest buttons that do not have hover and action states as it is behaving as a static image and not a button. I also detest graphic buttons that do not utilise the title attribute because that can provide a text description that can help identify the action. Bah humbug, I think you pressed one of my buttons.

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