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Looking For Shopping Cart Reviews

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Hello All!


I have a client that was using CubeCart 3 which is deprecated now and I think they should use something more professional. Does anyone have any opinions on what the best one is out there?


Here are the main requirements they are looking for:

No monthly fee or service fee

Can be hosted on their site NOT on shopping cart's site

Can handle FedEx Shipping


Michael Rock


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I would seriously consider Magento. They have a paid (yearly fee) and a free version. I did a lot of research and their software seems to be superior to all others.


One thing that you might not find on their website is that their software uses a lot of resources so it really needs to be on a semi dedicated or dedicated hosting.

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A number of good carts include Magento, Ubercart, Zen Cart.


Zen Cart is a standalone cart, it has lots of bells and whistles. It can possibly be integrated with WordPress, though, probably not immediately with Drupal (there's no active integration module at the time, but you can read this comment about comparing Drupal's own ecommerce module and Zen Cart).


Magento has it all, but is paid.


Ubercart goes with Drupal and lets you do anything, for free, but has a learning curve of Drupal.

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I wasn't impressed with Magento. Network Solutions ' cart was very good but both are hosted elsewhere. Uber probably won't work because I have to keep it simple for my clients. Zen, osCommerce, etc won't work because they don't have enough features like QuickBooks integration and export data feeds to Google shopping and Amazon.

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Michael, you have to research a bit better, than that ;)


This is a Zen Cart module to export feeds into Amazon. I am relatively sure there are plenty other modules to do whatever you want and yes, you'll probably need to customize something in about 5-10% of the cases.


Quickbooks integration? Easy.


I admit, the latter is a paid variant, but there may be different versions with different pricing. If anything, it might be cheaper, than Magento.


Most probably, it's all about the knowledge of any particular shopping cart that you have that'll predict your choice, since most better carts can do anything, as long as you know how to work with it and can find the right modules/customizations. After all, they are not just fixed carts, they are complete CMSes with modules.


So, I'd start with Drupal, because I'm most familiar with it. A Zen Cart advocate would start with Zen Cart, naturally.

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We use squirrel cart and we could not be happier.

It is fairly inexpensive and handles many gateways.

It also has many shipping options.

The customer support is very good.

Right now it is $169.00 but compared to other commercial carts this is not bad.

The only draw back is they are not quick books friendly but they say it is on the list.

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