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How Do You Interpret This Part Of Facebook Privacy?

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How would you interpret this statement about your privacy on Facebook?


Click on the arrow at the top right of your Facebook page and click the down arrow, then choose privacy settings, and then Edit Settings next to Apps and Websites and then Edit Settings next to How People Bring Your info into Apps they Use.


By default almost all of these boxes are checked off. To me this means that if a friend of mine uses some spammy quiz app the app can have access to all of my information (provided I haven't unchecked the boxes or turned off all access to apps).


In case you don't want to go there, here is how it is worded:


People on Facebook who can see your info can bring it with them when they use apps. This makes their experience better and more social. Use the settings below to control the categories of information that people can bring with them when they use apps, games and websites.


How do you interpret this?

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I interpret it to mean that FB is defaulting your app privacy to that of FB with the option of customising, i.e. being stricter, with apps. As is usual this is backwards... but opt-out has become the defacto way of the web unfortunately.


As my FB account is inactive :) I'm not able to look more at the granularity of (ap) privacy control. Being me I'd not want to share my info with third party data collectors (with most apps are) used by my various FB friend lists.

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I'm sorry if you are surprised.


Didn't you know Facebook is the biggest advertising system on the planet, and as numerous commentators have mentioned, they always have their face right up against the limits of privacy law.


The last time I read, in the FB developers section what you can pull when someone installs an application, well, let's just say. I never installed a FB again on my profile. But what you're saying here is basically that my choice is not respected.


It could be interpreted then as a way for FB to stimulate their developer networks to build more apps, by indirectly permitting your immediate social network to share your details.


They did something like this initially with TAGGING photos. Which now, I see you have to actually confirm the tag before it's allowed


It's a mess. I analyze this stuff daily as part of my Masters. The case study I am doing is bloody frightening!

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I am tempted to have a 2nd Facebook profile. Use my main just for communicating with friends and family and another to generally use when doing SM and commenting on stuff.

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I am tempted to have a 2nd Facebook profile.


Unless you consistently use totally disconnected names, IPs, computers, etc. FB may still know and connect the two. There are some intreguing small scale tests out there looking at where/how G, FB, et al are connecting the dots...not sure what is public, will look about and ask.

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