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Hello again


I have been chipping away at a new design located at http://www.e-physician.info/index-new.php, finally decided to adopt separate stylesheets for lte IE 6. According to visitor stats:


68% IE

39% IE8 & above

21% IE7

8% IE6 & below


I found that while IE7 does not display the border-radius feature, at least it doesn't break the page all to hell and gone like IE6. (This is using IE Tester for comparison.) Opera 11.51 (stats: 0.3%) displays the radius on borders but not submit buttons. Safari for windows 5.1 (stats: 5.2%) and chrome 10.0.648.204 (stats: 6.5%) seem to display normally.


Firefox -- total firefox stats: 16%, roughly half using 6 with the remainder 5 and under. Tested using ff 7, there probably is a way to test against earlier versions, any best-practice suggestions (that is, easy setup...)?


So for those souls on IE6, their page view is not so cool stylistically, but it's useable. (I just gave up on the appearance, something about forms and divs and z-index, may revisit it later. I may switch to images for submit buttons, that would help.) IE7 gets the borders but not the curves.


I have found over years that I have lots of faithful users in the obsolete IE group, often non-technical people using the site for research in their workplace, and they have gotten frustrated when something doesn't work right after I made a change, maybe their boss doesn't want to upgrade the office or it's a hassle to call the IT guy, or whatever. They are nice people and I want to keep them happy!


So please fire away at me on this new design, I am still making minor changes but it's close. There are 3 cool new searches in response to visitor requests, they work but still display results in the old style. I will be upgrading the rest of the site when I finalize this new design.


The page passes tidy, w3c and total validator. Still thinking about mobile....


Thanks in advance




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