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Ebay Product Rss Feeds

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Hi Everybody :miniwave:


I'm writing to ask if any of you have ever experimented with using eBay's product feeds affiliate program on your websites. I have a site which I feel might be an especially good match for this widget that displays items for sale at eBay, but I have zero acquaintance with using it.


Have you made money with it?


Any drawbacks or restrictions I should be aware of?


I am already running adsense on this site, but am trying to think of new ways to make the site more useful and interesting to visitors, while also hopefully improving profit options, and so I'm considering this.


I would sincerely appreciate you telling me of your experience with this feed idea!



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I think that this has a lot of potential if you have a site that closely relates to categories of product on eBay.


I think that I could make a lot of money with it. I'd like to try it.

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Well, they turned me down. I got his email from eBay in response to my request to be included in their program:


Thank you for applying to the eBay Partner Network. We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your application at this time.


Like many other affiliate programs, eBay Partner Network has a thorough application vetting process to ensure a good fit between a potential affiliate and the goals of the network. There are a number of reasons why your eBay Partner Network application may have been declined. Some of these include:


* You are not in compliance with the eBay Partner Network Agreement and/or Code of Conduct.

* The stated website that you plan to promote us from is non-functioning or inaccessible

* The quality of your stated website is not in line with our network standards

* The information you submitted in your application (contact information and your description of how you plan to promote eBay Partner Network) is incomplete or unclear

* Your business model or stated website does not appear to be one that would attract eBay buyers (the eBay Partner Network does not currently provide commissions for bringing eBay sellers or listings to the site)

* Your business model involves re-directing traffic directly to eBay from display ad networks or paid search (no longer allowed per our Terms and Conditions)

* Your business model involves a sub-affiliate model (no longer allowed per our Terms and Conditions)


If you feel that your application deserves a re-review, please provide any additional information that you would like us to reconsider. It is not necessary to submit an additional application with a different email address. Requests that contain no new information about your promotion methods will be reconsidered.




The eBay Partner Network Team


Now, for the life of me, I'm not understanding the refusal unless one of the last 2 points on this list is referring to the Adsense ads on the website. Does anyone here believe that those points could be referring to Adsense? That would be odd because I got the idea of using the feed from seeing it on a competitor's site who is also running Adsense.


Puzzled :scratchhead:

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Sorry to hear it didn't work out.... I applied but have not heard anything.

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I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if you are accepted or not.

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