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Cleaning Up A Heavily Soiled Seo Diaper In Google Places

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So I've been given a dirty diaper of a Google Places account.


I login and see that both the listings are suspended as well as the account itself.


I can see that the previous "SEO" baby just tried to stuff as much as possible into the Title of the business in order to apply an "organic mindset" to the listing. Well, we all did once upon a time I guess :blushing:


There are a few schools of thought on what I should do:


1. Request a reinclusion and wait for Google to review.

2. Create a new Google account and associate that with the existing listing.


I'd be keen for the second one because I guess that once you fall foul of getting suspended, you are putting yourself in a long queue with SEO's like this old business owners, and I'd like to start a fresh.


Thanks for your help.



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