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Earlier today in my post 31% Of Webdevs Mis-Configure Their Web Servers!? , I mentioned that I checked response headers regularly as part of a site maintenance schedule. Shortly after I read How to Leverage Calendars in Search Optimization, Michael Martinez, SEO Theory, 23-November-2011.


He mentions and links to a Michael Gray's Creating and Using an SEO Editorial Calendar, Wolf-Howl, October-2010. And Michael mentions and links to Lisa Barone's Why You Need An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog, Outspoken Media, 23-April-2009 (hey, not just for blogs, Lisa!).

I highly recommend reading all three.


Michael (Martinez :)) then goes on to ask the following questions:

Note: for some answers and thoughts, go read his article.

* Have You Used Your SEO Calendar Today?

* What Does Your Link Building Calendar Look Like?

* Do You Have a Competitive Calendar?

* Where Did You Put Your Maintenance Calendar?


Have to admit that of those mentioned I only have the editorial and maintenance calendars...

I do have some others though:

* direct advertising calendar

* site marketing calendar

* niche events calendar


Who else uses organisational calendars?

Note: for business operations not for personal needs scheduling - just to cut down on the wit[ty] rejoinders...maybe. :D

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I have so many spreadsheets, calenders, to do lists and the like that I mostly ignore them all and go with gut feeling.


I am organised on paper (well, on the screen). It does not seem to help in the real world much!

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My main job for this month is to set up a system and I was using a spread sheet but now I may look at a calendar.

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