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.htaccess Not Working As Intended

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I put the following code in my .htaccess file on the BuyHookah.com server.



RewriteEngine Onredirect 301 / http://www.hookahlounge.net/



but the following page is not being redirected. Why? http://www.buyhookah.com/wiki/Starbuzz_Tobacco_Blue_Mist_Flavor_Review'>http://www.buyhookah.com/wiki/Starbuzz_Tobacco_Blue_Mist_Flavor_Review'>http://www.buyhookah.com/wiki/Starbuzz_Tobacco_Blue_Mist_Flavor_Review


For example the homepage is redirecting fine: http://www.buyhookah.com/

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Probably you will never have another htaccess question again.



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Hi I had issues a while back with this and this works for me


redirect 301 /folder-name/page.htm http://www.yoursite.com/other-folder-name/page.htm


note no full url on first section of the 301, I would recommend putting two dummy pages up on the server and test it :)


Let us know how you get on...





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