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Adsense Advice From An Adwords Perspective

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I know that many of us rely on Google AdSense for some to all of our web revenue. In all your thoughts about site optimisation have you even once given thought to how best to optimise for the AdWords folks? Those people who are looking for relevant/qualified traffic referring sites on which to advertise? I suspect that like many/most? of us my mindset that Google - the intermediary - was the primary. Huge fail on my part.


Thanks to a question by farmboy over at WebmasterWorld and the replies by RhinoFish I am taking a new hard look at my AdSense publisher behaviour.

Questions from an AdSense publisher

I sort of knew most/all that was said but it hadn't sunk in.


Read the thread, follow the citations/links, read some more. I suspect that this one thread will increase my AdSense revenue significantly. Perhaps yours as well.


if you can add a new layer of attention to your adsense thinking, and if you add lots of sections that aren't identical to your contextual structure, you will allow more bidders to chase you, from more angles. and in an auction, more bidders means higher prices, for you.


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Thanks for pointing to this discussion. Pretty interesting.


I can do a lot more to make my channels match topics that will attract ads.

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Wow. That is eye opening. I don't think I am using channels properly at all.


Time to revisit some things!

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Gotta agree that it's pretty worthwhile. I've never seen this much attention paid to buying advertising, even though I've had similar expectations, when buying ads.


I suspect that typical, banner/affiliate ads can be improved by using precise channeling and targeting, as well as by providing as much info and options to banner advertisers.


The problem here is, though, how to filter your own ads for new content: there has to be a built-in contextual analytical script (probably built on an already existing search index, if anything).

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