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Facebook Apps - Can't Add To Page (Latest Generation Of Fb Apps)

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Recently, it seems facebook made some changes to how you can create an app.

I do the usual way, but I can't find a way to add the app to my page.


Older apps still let me.


When i got to edit app, on the left I have the link go to App profile, from where I can add. But these new apps don't have that link.


So in the documentation I found this link, that says how you can use an url to get the dialog that allows you to add




so I'm supposed to have a link with app ID and URL, for the URl i generate using heroku, but then the error I get is this:

This application does not support integration with your profile.


I look on facebook, in the dev sections, all help files are outdated or don't cover this.


Anyone here figured this out?



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