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Looking For Customer Support Software

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I'm looking to implement a customer support feature on one of my website. I'm looking for a pre-built software (web platform) out there that users can submit their questions/problems.


Then the software would automatically (based on certain settings) assigns different support tickets to different support providers. I'm hoping it will also have iPhone and Android app that would alert the support providers to answer the submitted ticket.


Has anyone come across a software that does that?

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Will look - I am pretty sure that Softaculous has something like that listed, which will mean free / open source too .... hold on.


A selection: http://www.softaculo...customersupport


You do not need Softaculous (at least I do not think you do! stuff like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress are in there), it is just something some web hosts have installed on their servers to allow clients to easily install software (1 click install of files and database etc).

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