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Canada Likely To Bundle Idn Domains

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Canadian entities interested in dotca domains should pay close attention - and may want to participate...


CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) is holding a second round of consultations (started yesterday, ends 24-February) over implementation of IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) in dotca domains.

Note: at this point the IDNs will only extend to include French characters. And may well stop there as Canada has only two official languages...although I have a few prospective ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ domain names in mind... :D (Inuktitut syllabics :) in case you were wondering)


CIRA is proposing the “bundling” of character variants. This means that the holder of a particular domain name would have the exclusive right to register all of the variants of that domain name, and that no one else could register any of those domains. For example, only the holder of preside.ca would have the option to register préside.ca, prèsïdë.ca, prësîdê.ca, etc. In addition, only the holder of the domain name préside.ca would have the option to register preside.ca.


Bundling character variants means that only Registrants who believe their users could benefit from domain names with French characters will register these domain names. Registrants would not need to register variants to protect their brand or to prevent phishing or fraud.


Character bundling, as proposed by CIRA, removes the necessity of having a Sunrise and/or a Landrush period to protect existing .CA holders.


Following review of the comments on bundling that we receive, CIRA will make such further changes to the Policy, as seem appropriate, and will post the final version of the Policy on its website. CIRA will then develop the technology required to implement this new offering, which is currently tentatively scheduled for the next nine to eighteen months.




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