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Draw Me A Picture Of Host/ip/earth

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Just had an experience that I kind of understand and kind of do not. I wish I had a visual...




I have a host I use. They host all of my sites, the blog for these forums and all my clients whose sites I maintain or built. I am a reseller for the host. Their customer service is INSTANT. Their servers have never been down. I'm devoted to them.


So, a client contacted me saying her site is down and she can't log into the CP.


Odd. So as a reseller, I can log into all my clients sites and what do you know? I could not.


So, on checking, none of my sites loaded either. All that showed up was network error.


Uh oh.


So, I did what any p***ed off customer would do. :manicure:


I went to Twitter and their Facebook page to see if anything was reported. :saywhat:


And the host was right on it.


They said all is well on their end but Time Warner/Verizon customers were having trouble and to contact our ISPs.


All our servers and networks are up, and sites are visible from most of the Internet. Only TWC/Verizon networks seems to be affected.



So, I contacted my husband. :dazed:


I also was Facebook messaging the client who first alerted me about her site. As it turns out, a tech was installing Verizon at her house! Weird. So I passed along the recommendation to run a tracer route and report the issue.


Her Verizon tech had no idea how to do that. I messaged her with instructions.


Meanwhile, husband is asking me the kinds of questions YOU ALL would be asking me...can you get to it by the IP? Who can see it, who can't, what sites, blah blah.


He finally said to report to Verizon by calling them. However, he has the account info in his pile of papers (WHY!!!) and couldn't remember the account info or log in. (LESSON HERE.)


Anyway....I'm also having a Twitter convo with Verizon reps asking me to run tracer route, etc.


Finally, in the midst of all this, client messages me that her site back and to check mine. Some, not all, are visible.


Your Turn


As the smartest people on the planet, please explain what the heck happened? The forums blog was perfectly fine, but it must be talking to the Albany area where the Ninjas are. (They own the forums, and the forums software is hosted by them and the blog WP part hosted by my host).


Was it just some Verizon customers in some areas who could not access the sites?


I need a drawing with pictures. :lederhosen:



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The web is like a web rather than a straight pipe, so a section of the web can be down or have the wrong information and it may only effect a portion of the traffic to a website.


Information also gets cached at various places, so a fix can take time to propagate across the sections of web, e.g. when you change a nameserver on a domain it can take time for the domain to actually point to the new server when you visit it from your computer.


Your browser/computer/local network can also cache things so refreshing there sometimes help if you aren't seeing the same as other people.

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