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Firefox Book Mark Checker

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Afternoon all :)


I wasn't sure which Forum to ask this in... so that could be a Rookie mistake anyway... (please feel free to move to the appropriate forum)... here it is...


Firefox bookmarks. I've a new PC. I moved my FF profile from the old PC to this one. But it's time to CULL the bookmarks for dead ones/duplicates etc.


I used to use a one called AM Deadlink and was about to download again from their website but they had a message on there:

As bookmark management in browsers got more complex over the years, it's no longer recommended to use external tools to delete bookmarks. Browser bookmarks should only be deleted within the browser user interface!

Starting with AM-DeadLink 4.7, it's no longer possible to alter or delete bookmarks from browsers. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE OLDER VERSIONS OF AM-DEADLINK TO DELETE BOOKMARKS FROM BROWSERS!

AM-DeadLink is no longer supported, you can however still use it to check various sources for dead links!


Now you used to be able to delete links within AM Deadlink from the older versions of AM Deadlink - but apparently (as I read it) you can't now.


So, there is a Firefox add-on called "Bookmarks Checker - check for bad links" - but according to the reviews - it doesn't show you which bookmarks folder the deadlink/duplicate link is in.


Therefore, my question is - "Does anyone know of any FREEWARE or FF plug-ins which checks for defunct links/duplicate links and tells you which bookmark folder they are in - and can delete them from within the software?" I also looked at something called Favicon - but that doesn't appear to do what I want.


Thanks in advance peeps :)



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I've not installed it and I checked the addons page just to see what is says. It does give you the option to delete the bad link. How does it then matter where it was? Same logic for duplicates.


But I have not answered the question.


Wait I re-read the question.


It does delete from the program. It just does not tell you where it is.

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Excellent reply


But I have not read the reply properly


Wait I re-read the reply.


Nope I'm still not too sure what you mean bobbb? :)

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:) the bottom line I was making was the add-on deletes the bookmark and does not tell you where it was. It is not an external program per se like AM Deadlink but really is now part of FF.

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Ah... okay. That's the thing - I may have duplicate bookmarks - but I'd like to know where it is being deleted from becuase it mught be "the other one" I want deleted.


I'll give it try and see how it goes.


Ta very much :)




:infinite-banana: :infinite-banana: :infinite-banana:

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