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Template Report In Word Docx - Best Option?

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One of my clients has to produce detailed reports for clients after each property inspection.


He currently uses microsoft word but wants a quicker way of putting the reports together as the process is very slow. He now wants a new template but word is very unforgiving and the formatting can be lost very easily and can be extremely frustrating when that happens.


Ideally he would like to drop photos into the report without resizing them first in Photoshop. Is word still the best software out there to use and produce detailed reports?


Any help appreciated

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I still use Word doc's. I take screen shots with JING (from Techsmith, free) and pull them into Snagit (also Techsmith) to draw arrows or add comments on the image. I don't need to resize before inserting into Word, as you can resize once an image is inside the doc.


There are companies that use elaborate software that, for example, produce client reports in HTML format and come with email correspondence for everyone on the project.


Another alternative is to convert Word docs to HTML and the client gets the HTML version with links to sections.


While I compile in Word, the client gets the final report in .pdf format.

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If you want something with a bit more control over formatting then you want more desktop publishing rather than word. I use pageplus which is a budget version of indesign, which lets you set up templates with image boxes you drop an image into.


It depends what other data is in the reports, it might be you are better with software specifically for reports if it's stuff like tables and charts.

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Another free option to InDesign is Scribus.


It too is weak regarding tables and charts are, frankly, a pain. However, it does allow importing from OpenOffice or it's clones' exports. As tam says, which software is best depends on your requirements. And your pocketbook (or inherent frugality :)).

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