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Using Google Tag Manager

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Jon Henshaw wrote some tutorials. I thought it might be helpful to some of you :D and me :manicure:


If you use Google Analytics (GA) tracking code, we recommend creating and using onclick event tracking code. However, if you use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to deliver your GA tracking code, there's no need to add extra code to your links. This tutorial will show step-by-step how to add event tracking code using GTM.



How to add GA Events to Tag Manager


He posted this on Linkedin:


Google first made insightful site analytics mainstream when it introduced Google Analytics (GA). Today, most sites use GA and that means they also use GA tracking code on their site. They also use lots of other advertising and event tracking code on their site too. However, that’s starting to change as more sites are now switching to GTM.


As Google Tag Manager starts to go mainstream, here’s what you need to know

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This is a great share Kim, I have been looking for exactly this tutorial as Universal Analtyics Events without the tag manager is pretty much impossible to code!



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