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ive recently uploaded a site and fetched pages with google



what would people recommend as my next step please?


would bing or yahho for example automatically find it or do I have to do more beyond this please?





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G, B and Y will find your site. If you have links from somewhere else it will be easier for them to find it. What they do with if is another story. Your logs will tell you who found you. Look for user agents GoogleBot, MSNbot, and Slurp respectively.


Bet you the scrappers find you first.

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When you look at each line of your server logs (if you have logs) near the end it will list user agent (the browser you use) like Firefox or Safari or Internet Explorer, etc.

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Coming from your sitemap post, https://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums/topic/93790-sitemap/ here are my observations:

In your sitemap you have both these which are really the same but Google will see as two pages with the same content.
To resolve this I would change all internal links of www.rtls.uk.com/index.html to www.rtls.uk.com/


Also your site responds to both www.rtls.uk.com and rtls.uk.com
I would resolve this by picking either the WWW or non-WWW as a default and redirecting the other to the default.


Added to this I would verify that there were no 404s (not found errors) either for a page or image. Not for Google and Bing but for my visitors who are number 1.


And since I'm bit*ching, I would make the site mobile friendly. It ain't


This should be in the site hospital forum and you can tell me to mind my own business.

Since I have no idea what a Disabled Toilet Alarm is(example), on first look if my eyes hit the middle line descriptions, I can't determine if it applies to the photo above or below. Only when I look around at the other items do I determine it applies to the image below.

And this is only me but I notice you sometimes use underscore as a word delimiter and sometimes a space and sometimes both.
Baby Tagging.html, Pager Systems.html, Asset_tracking.html, Service_and_ Spares.html


I tend to avoid spaces in filenames (my mainframe and command line training)... and mixed case.

Edited by bobbb

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