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Moving Old Wordpress Files To New Wp Site

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Is this possible?


Say there was a website on WordPress that was backed up locally but no longer lives on a server and has no DB anymore.


The blog posts remain intact, grouped by year in the Uploads directory. Their content is easily pulled into Word or any text editor.


Is there a way to move those folders to a new WordPress site? I understand their old CSS is mute. I just want the text.


I tried to do this the other day but it didn't work. I thought I could move the old folders from the old Uploads directory into the new Uploads directory.


What am I doing wrong and is this possible?

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I'm confused. The posts exist in the Database not in the uploads folder. The uploads folder is where all the images and other media resides not the post content.


Can you provide an example of what you see when you import into word?

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AH HA! I see where I got confused. You're right. And I "knew" that about Uploads, so I'm not sure what led me to think content could go there too.


So, what I will try next is creating a directory on the new server called "Blog" (to match the local HTML files I have saved) and move them from their Blog directory to the new Blog directory. I'm not looking for their corresponding images or CSS, just moving several years of posts' text I have saved but all of which are no longer on a server.


Thank you!

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