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Automating Me And You And What We Think

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It feels like we're bombarded with the threat of automation intended to replace us by doing our jobs. I can barely wrap my around it all and don't understand how replacing workers is helping the economy or environment.


I found this and it looked interesting...


An Intelligence in Our Image The Risks of Bias and Errors in Artificial Intelligence


Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Agents Influence Many Areas of Life Today
  • In particular, these artificial agents influence the news articles read and associated advertising, access to credit and capital investment, risk assessments for convicts, and others.
This Reliance on Artificial Agents Carries Risks that Have Caused Concern
  • The potential for bias is one concern. Algorithms give the illusion of being unbiased but are written by people and trained on socially generated data. So they can encode and amplify human biases. Use of artificial agents in sentencing and other legal contexts is one area in particular that has caused concerns about bias.
  • Another concern is that increasing reliance on artificial agents is fueling the rapid automation of jobs, even jobs that would seem to rely heavily on human intelligence, such as journalism and radiology.
  • Among other risks are the possibility of hacked reward functions (an issue with machine learning) and the inability to distinguish among cultural differences.


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Before I go further I need to reiterate, once again, that AI is a misnomer; it does NOT exist, it likely will NOT exist during the next decade. What we have and will, for at least the next decade, have are varying competencies of machine learning aka ability to 'learn' beyond, outside the parameters of the initiating software. Most of what exists is extremely prone to both false positives and false negatives, such that currently few if any are fit for purpose beyond possibly as a filter mechanism.

My business is highly automated, I have played with and actually incorporated various software agents, platforms et al feeding and being fed by machine learning processes and supporting databases. Granted I'm not at the current bleeding edge but I do know approximately where it is. The media hype is just that albeit well fed by startups misusing AI as sucker bait for investment.

Everything existing now and for the next decade will require "human-in-the-loop" decision making. But unless the sh*t truly hits the fan, in the US at least, liability payments for error and abuse will be simply a cost of doing business much as it is a line item in almost every American police force budget (~$5-million per wrongful death).

That Rand Corp. piece is reasonably on task. The problem is that most governments, and especially recently that of the US, is ignorant of reality but supportive of the idea, which means that problems will be minimised and largely left unaddressed. The UK is self destructing before our eyes and won't have money for anything but necessities shortly. Perhaps the EU will manage necessary structural requirements better.

It is a truly fascinating time with the future so starkly wondrous or disastrous.

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I think that "AI" is a buzz word, used mainly by two types of people....


1) click bait journalists trying to create buzz on a dusty topic


2) old fart managers trying to give others the impression that their pants are still up.

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10 print hello is what most journalists understand about tech. That now you get suggested '20 goto 10' is considered AI. It is just predictive.

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Would this be an example maybe?


It just seems like total propaganda and manipulation to me.


Facebook is starting to put more posts from local politicians into people’s News Feed


"Political affiliation is not used to determine what you see. Instead, Facebook will surface whatever posts have the highest engagement regardless of political party, a spokesperson confirmed."


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