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Digital Economy & Society In The Eu

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Digital Economy & Society in the EU



This publication is divided into 4 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Profile of the digital society & businesses focuses on how and for which purposes people and businesses go online, on digital skills and ICT specialists. It includes, among others, information on mobile internet access, internet activities, use of social media as well as the employment of ICT specialists.
  • Chapter 2 E-commerce looks in detail at e-commerce from two perspectives: people ordering goods and services online and businesses selling electronically.
  • Chapter 3 Internet security & the cloud provides information about aspects related to privacy and the protection of personal information online, ICT security policies of businesses as well as about private and business use of cloud services.
  • Chapter 4 What is the digital single market about? gives some background information about the content and goals of the EU policy concerning the creation of the digital single market which is one of the ten political priorities of the European Commission.


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Glossy :)

The EU has been going this route for some time now. Despite or because of it's infamous bureaucracy they do understand reasonably well the various ramifications; however, it moves slowly and the various constituent governments hate to give up power and information is power. Regrettably, it is currently the best hope for sensible logical rules and acceptable behaviours for others to emulate going forward. Yes, it's that sad.

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