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Progressive Web Apps Are - Officially - The Next Big Thang

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Back in February I commented

Google's other 'big' push is with Progressive Web Apps, which is definitely interesting and fun to play with. However, it is still an Android only mobile affair. Unless Apple gets on board all those high buying iOS folk may be a drag on developers' interest/uptake.

Well, Apple has apparently bit the bitter pill (or Hades has frozen) and are getting on board PWAs: Service Workers land in WebKit, clearing way for better in-browser applications by Thomas Claburn, The Register, 04-August-2017.

* Bug 175115: Add SW IDLs and stub out, WebKit Bugzilla.
* Attachment #317095: Patch for bug #175115, WebKit Bugzilla

So what has been a fun little project to play with in my !spare? time has gone right up to the very top of my 'to do' list. With this change of heart 80% of the need for mobile native apps began to fade away.



And a whole new door of site/business opportunity opens... along with a platforms worth of new accessibility, usability, UX et al concerns.

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