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New Facts Sheet On Digital News And Market Share

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Digital display advertising revenue continued to be dominated by just a few companies in 2016, with Facebook comprising 35% of this advertising segment, according to eMarketer estimates. Google comprised 14% of this segment, while no other company controls more than 10% of this market.

In the mobile sector, Facebook also held the largest market share (44%) of mobile digital display advertising revenue, according to eMarketer estimates. No other company controls more than 10% of the mobile market.


Digital News Fact Sheet


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Earlier discussion, similar topic, that wandered well...
2016 By The Ad Business, Cre8, February 2017.

The fascinating point of the OP linked report is that the stats are from a particular constrained filter bubble: (1) news sites, (2) only the main domain for each, and (3) only those main domains with minimum 10-million/month uniques during time period.
Note: musing - how do they account for bot traffic?

And, given that many/most of the largest news organisations have given up on 'own' advertising sales it further defaults to third party ad networks, which - surprise! - defaults to G and FB.

What is totally missing are what are probably the ad networks greatest fears: own ad sales (mostly smaller sites these days and mostly not primarily 'news' sites) and 'native' advertising. The web has been changing greatly over the past few years (too too many are catching up to what some few were quietly doing over a decade ago) and chronic ad fraud within and without the ad networks is accelerating the shift.

Few/none are writing about it because it mostly does not involve the dominant dinosaurs. Plus, both sides, advertiser and publisher, retain significant competitive advantage from remaining below the web's general radar. However, doubling year over year eventually owns the board.

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