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What Are Your Favorite Books For Business, Web Dev, Digital Marketing?

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An SEO friend asked for recommendations for favorite business books on her Facebook page and it turned into a great discussion packed with recommendations. I wrote down a list of new books from it.


I have time to read more while healing from my knee replacement surgery (next one is 9/18) so I got:


The Originals - Adam Grant

The Hard Thing about Hard Things - Ben Horowitz

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*UCK - Mark Manson


I'm presently reading Reclaiming Conversation, The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle, which I'm enjoying.


Another SEO friend has been sending me Podcast suggestions from the Philosophical genre because he knows I eat that stuff up too.


Are there new books you've come across that help you with your work or any books, podcasts, TedTalks, etc. that inspire you or got you energized?


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