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Has Https Caused Massive Drop In My Rankings?

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Hello :)


In January I installed HTTPS certificates on my site. I'd read that Google was really pushing it and it seemed like the inevitable future so I decided to do it. Since then, every one of the next 9 months my "page views" according to Jetpack have dropped by between 100,000 and 200,000 each month. Not good. But is this sort of normal? Could I have done something wrong?

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Most sites move to https with few problems.




One possible problem area is redirecting the http version of the site to the https version of the site. If there are old redirects and all of them are not accounted for and redirected again properly then the link value into the historic URLs might not be passed on to the https version of the site. If your site had a lot of historic redirects, it might pay to have someone who knows a lot about htaccess take a look at how yours are being handled.




Another problem is when all of the possible URLs have not been addressed and some of these...







... are not being accommodated.




And, some folks have speculated that when a site goes from http to https that it receives a quality review and if it doesn't satisfy the review the traffic starts slowly slipping. I can't point to any references on this but I do know of sites that have been on a month-by-month traffic decline for six months to a year after converting to https.

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Many thanks for your reply EGOL. I no longer own the xyxed domain. The site in question is Whitegoodshelp. As far as I know my redirects are working OK as I put in the appropriate code in my htaccess file. If I type any old url with http: it now redirects to the https: version. Interesting thought about the manual review. I would hope my site would be seen as a great unique content site on any manual review although obviously nothing is perfect. It's still a mystery. Another example of how you can loose a lot of traffic moving to HTPS: despite Google encouraging the change.


Fortunately I didn't do it for traffic, I did it because it looked like it was the inevitable future, and I didn't like the idea of my site being flagged as insecure. However, it is a massive issue to have lost so much traffic with no idea why :(

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Just out of possible interest here is a graph of my stats in Wordpress (by JetPack). I installed the certificate in January which had 430,000 "page views" and immediately the following month they had dropped dramatically.





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