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Ibm Introduces A Free Dns Service

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New free Quad9 DNS service has built-in security, privacy settings to protect internet users

Quad9 (IP address: uses threat intelligence from their X-Force Threat Intelligence database, along with 18 other agencies, to compile a thorough blacklist of websites. Whenever a user attempts to navigate to a website that is known to contain malicious code, Quad9 will block it.

You can test a site.

Big deal eh. Google has which is "free" and there are a number of other "free" ones.

IBM said in a press release that those [DNS server] companies "often capture Information about the websites consumers visit, devices they use and where they live for marketing or other purposes."

Except according to IBM:

"Quad9 DNS service is engineered to not store, correlate or otherwise leverage any personally identifiable information from its users"


We shall see.

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I have been using it since the initial posting.
Not recommended.
Yesterday, 11-Dec-2017, I made a DNS IP address change for a domain and quad9 still pointed to the old hosting IP four hours later. Today it is flipping between the two IPs. Used nslookup to test so no influence from my DNS cache.

Google's gets it consistently right.

Sorry IBM. Thumbs down.

I sent their quad9 support an email. Nothing.

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Another new player in the free DNS game

Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service from Cloudflare.

They too promise no snooping


And we wanted to put our money where our mouth was, so we committed to retaining KPMG, the well-respected auditing firm, to audit our practices annually and publish a public report confirming we're doing what we said we would.


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