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Tracking...but Try And Find Me....

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The last 3 days I have been going very deep into Google Tag Manager.


If you haven't used this before it is a complete ars* to get working on things like cross-domain tracking. If you are doing anything like this my advice is just to drop raw code into your website and run it that way. You will benefit from having data that updates much faster and your developer will be able to troubleshoot more easily.


I'm not here to talk about that. Instead I am now able to implement any kind of click/engagement tracking via the GTM.


For example I can:


- Identify a piece of button text "Book now" and then fire an event on that (clicks the book now button)

- Identify a CSS tag and user that as an id.

The list goes on but it is very cool: https://mediacause.org/track-button-clicks-google-tag-manager/


I have a feeling that the reason Google wants everything running inside a Google Tag is because it makes it quite hard to know exactly what is happening on a website and how the tracking is being applied. I guess they must be worried that if everything was hard-coded into the webpages (like the onclick actions of Legacy analytics), it might be construed as nefarious. In this way they are able to get a few more years of revenue out of their advertising model.








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