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Remember Cuil, the search engine?

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Built by Google defectors...found this in our archives.


A group of former Google engineers Monday unveiled a new search engine they hope will challenge the Internet giant's supremacy. Cuil, (pronounced "cool"), takes a different tack than previous threats to Google.

Ex Google Workers Unveil New Search Method

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I had forgotten about that one. 

I still get some traffic from DuckDuckGo.

Nothing from Blekko. Oh, Blekko has gone.

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Anna Patterson, one of the co-founders, was on my personal list of inspirational willing to be helpful (yes that is a Venn diagram overlap subset) IT people, although these days strictly inspirational. Currently Google VP of Engineering, research and machine intelligence, and Managing Partner of Gradient Ventures, G's early stage AI venture capital fund. She provided input that helped both my site search and real time analytics.
Note: there are a great number of inspirational immensely capable women in various nooks of IT although it is only those in managerial positions that get mainstream media attention. And a surprising number are (appropriately) approachable, often thrilled to be.

And, yes, I remember Cuil, and yes, it was cool. Even if it never (hah!) came out of stealth it did provide a number of people, myself included, inspiration and pointers to possibilities.
Historical Note: the frequently media quoted term 'Google Killer' applied to Cuil was actually pushed by G itself - probably to raise expectations and increase the likelihood and depth of fall when not met. Marketing has it's dark side...


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